Fundraising for schools has become a major focus of most PTO organizations.

With budget shortfalls across the SLPS, PTO fundraising is critical to our children’s education, and provides resources and opportunities that many might assume are being provided by the district.

Through the gracious giving of parents and families, fundraising events, and various reward programs, the Mallinckrodt Academy PTO has been able to bridge the funding gap and provide the resources that students, teachers, and administrators require, allowing them to focus on what’s important – the education of our children.

2020-2021 Fund Drive Survey

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least, and it has impacted families in many ways – emotionally and financially. While we would typically kick off our Annual Fund Drive in November, we questioned whether it’s a good time to make an appeal, or maybe we should hold off a bit. And, when we do begin our fund drive, should those funds go to the general fund as usual, or should we focus on specific areas of need? Please take this short survey and let us know your thoughts.

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