Order School Supplies for 2018-2019

Mallinckrodt Academy classroom supply kits are available to purchase online with free shipping to MAGI until June 1st. There is no cost to have your kits shipped to school if you order before June 1st. If you order after June 1st or have the kits shipped somewhere else, standard shipping charges will apply. Easy Ordering Instructions 1. Go to www.write-stuff.com/storefront/school/mallinckrodt 2. Select grade level (If applicable, select the specified kit within grade level) 3. Enter student information 4. Follow prompts to check out or continue shopping Download The Write Stuff School Supplies sale flyer Don’t want to order kits online? If you prefer to purchase supplies for your child’s classroom on your own, you can view the supply lists for each grade so you know what to get. You’re not required to purchase kits through Write Stuff. FAQs: Why are lists segmented by gender? Lists are segmented by “boy/girl” simply for…

2017-18 PTO Board Elections: Call for Nominations

The PTO is looking to fill 5 Board positions for the 2017-18 school year. If you are interested in serving, please attend the PTO meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 6pm in the Library and let your interest be known. Nominations must be made and accepted in person.

Sales Tax Holiday – August 5 – 7, 2016

Parents and students are always looking to save money during the back to school season. The Sales Tax Holiday Aug. 7-9 offers one great way to do that.

Kargus' 5th graders "voting" on Primary 3/15/16

5th Graders Voting in the Primaries

After researching the candidates and reading news articles on topics such as gun control, immigration reform,education standards, and the proposed increase of minimum wage, Mrs. Kargus’ 5th grade students cast their votes.

Lego Robotics

FIRST LEGO League Robotics is not just about STEM, but also blends real world character education into the process. Our guiding principles – Grit, Open-mindedness, and Creativity – will see us to the finish line.

Are You Valiente Enough to Try Something New?

Señor Norman challenges Mallinckrodt students to try a new food from a Spanish-speaking country to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Color Our World Happy

I believe art education can be more. I want to ask bigger questions of my students. I want to teach them how to think about art in relation to themselves and to the world. I want to promote ownership in my classroom by providing basic skills and then allowing students to choose the direction of their work.

Peppers Maybe Hot

Our garden – expanded & lush, with seats, shade, beautiful fence and trellis – provides a landmark giving us an identity beyond “the school north of Target”

Focusing on the positive

The first week of school is officially in the books … a great start to another great year at Mallinckrodt.

Setting a New Benchmark

It’s amazing what a difference a place to sit makes to our school grounds. Purged inventory from Gateway Greening finds new purpose in our back yard with the help of parents and Dig It STL kids.

Making the first week of school a smooth transition.

To start the year off with the smoothest transition possible, begin your routine on the first day of school.