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How much does it cost?
The total cost for the full-time (5-days-per-week) of morning enrichment is $XXX.

The cost per individual class is listed with the class descriptions on this page.

Have more questions?
Contact Gloria Nolan, PTO Vice President, at vp@magipto.org.


Mindfulness Fitness Club by Little Scholars - $100 (max. 20 students)

Need a little mindful exercise in your life? Well…run, run, run as fast as you can for a class full of fitness, fun and mindfulness! Don’t let the name fool you, we will not just be running; we will play games, have spirited team challenges and participate in activities to create a mindful state. Participants will receive weekly mindfulness badges.

Chess (Free)

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis continues its ongoing partnership with Mallinckrodt this year. Instructors from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis provide chess classes that teach fundamental chess elements in addition to promoting educational values that can be learned through chess. Classes will focus on chess fundamentals while also incorporating lessons on critical thinking, planning and logic. There are limited spots available, so please make sure if you are enrolling your child that they are able to make it each and every week.

Bricks 4 Kidz - $105 (max. 18 students)

These classes build on the universal popularity of LEGO® Bricks to deliver high quality, educational play. Every class is a fun, enriching experience utilizing the classic bricks loved by generations of children.

Hip Hop Dance by CKDC Dance Studios - $125

Back by overwhelming demand and taught by the ever popular MR. THEO!!!
Hip Hop is an ever evolving sub culture whose roots really started growing in the 1970s. While Hip Hop covers many different medias; music, beat boxing, etc, this class will focus on movement art. Hip Hop Dance is a street style of dance that evolved from this culture.

Class will begin with a warm up, students will learn technical studies and will end with a cool down. Over this session there will be a focus on Popping and Animation alongside of grooves and general Hip Hop studies. Students will focus on developing musicality, understanding rhythm, practicing isolations and experiencing level and weight change. They will work with a variety of songs, sometimes emphasizing lyricism, sometimes focusing on the different beats and understanding the relationship between dance and movement. Force will be explored through practicing both hard and soft, or smooth movements. Lessons will promote body control and spacial awareness. Students will also be given an opportunity to freestyle and learn about cyphers and dance battles.

In addition to being informative and historical in context, this class promotes wellness and exercise.

Art Up Early with Artscope! - $70

Get creative with LOTS of art materials. Students will dig in to both traditional materials and household finds to create a variety of multi-dimensional artwork. Led by Artscope Teaching Artist Emily Bryan, you’ll stay busy making 2-D and 3-D creations to take home.